Polish Expo “Ontmoetning III” at the Castle in Rhoon.


My time is very tense lately and I do not always have time to sit down and write what’s happening in my life. I should more often advertise the events in which I participate. Recently, I was able to show two of my graphics at the Polish exhibition at the castle in Rhoon. The exhibition was attended by ten Polish artists with very different works of those who create and live in the Netherlands. It was already the third exhibition from the series “Ontmoeting”, the first took place in 2012 in Capelle a / d Ijssel, and the second in Spijkenisse in 2016 (I was even a co-organizer). Both the opening on October 7 and the closing of the exhibition were full of great people and good energy. I enjoyed a lot the lecture on Polish art prepared by Mr. Waldemar Pankiw, the organizer of the exhibition with PNKV. Also the ending of the exhibition on October 28 brought a pleasant impression caused by the concert of Anka Kozieł. Every weekend something interesting happened, unfortunately I could not participate in it. According to the organizers, the exhibition was visited by about 250 people. I really like such meetings. However, I decided that I would give up exhibitions for a while so that I could concentrate on working and creating new things.

The invitation includes a reproduction of embroidery by Iśka van Kempen Jarnicka.

Pictures: Urszula Woroniecka (PNKV), Paweł Kleineder, Michalina Malolepsza