Vernissage whitout Pictures

Last Sunday I had a vernissage of my exhibition at the Polish Library in Amsterdam at Keizersgracht 174. Actually, the first time I decided to tell my audience about my art, I’m sorry, the second time. I spoke for the first time four years ago at Leeszaal West in Rotterdam. Anyway, it was the first time I did it with great pleasure, relaxed and passed, what I wanted to convey. I think I’ve just matured to such presentations. I owe this special evening to the public – friends and strangers who came to see what I did. Ania, my friend and translator, translated every sentence from Polish to Dutch so that everyone could understand what I’m talking about.

Interestingly, probably nobody took pictures, I also forgot about them. In times when every step is documented, it is amazing. Everyone sat and just listened. Maybe I saw one person with a phone that tried something, but I do not even know who it was. Does not matter. I will remember this evening because of its atmosphere and delightful meeting.

The second interesting thing is that for the purposes of the exhibition I pulled Lady Kangaroo out of the closet. In fact, I have already finished this project, but the exhibition made me realize that it is the LADY that has more potential than my current graphics. What I do now is quite heavy in reception. People, however, like light, bright, joyous art. I also felt a lot easier when I looked at all the crazy, unusual, colorful linocuts with Lady Kangaroo.



Rooted in Graphics



I would like to invite you to my individual exhibition that will take place on Saturday, November 17 at the Polish library in Amsterdam at Keizersgracht 174 (downstairs).
I am very happy that I can present here a cross-section of my work from 2013 to 2018. I want to show the audience mainly two series of graphics “Lady Kangaroo” and the current, very personal linocuts, which I create since the beginning of 2017. The exhibition is also an important event for me due to the fact that for some time I decided to stop presenting my work to a wider audience. I decided to focus on a new project about which I will be constantly informed. It is very possible that my website will change significantly. However, I do not intend to completely break with the linocut.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the article describing my work entitled “Geworteld in de grafiek”by Hans Andringa, which appeared in the graphic RAAM magazine issued by the vog graphics platform in the 18 # 3 issue.

During the vernissage I will talk about my work and answer the audience’s questions.

You are welcome!

Polish Expo “Ontmoetning III” at the Castle in Rhoon.


My time is very tense lately and I do not always have time to sit down and write what’s happening in my life. I should more often advertise the events in which I participate. Recently, I was able to show two of my graphics at the Polish exhibition at the castle in Rhoon. The exhibition was attended by ten Polish artists with very different works of those who create and live in the Netherlands. It was already the third exhibition from the series “Ontmoeting”, the first took place in 2012 in Capelle a / d Ijssel, and the second in Spijkenisse in 2016 (I was even a co-organizer). Both the opening on October 7 and the closing of the exhibition were full of great people and good energy. I enjoyed a lot the lecture on Polish art prepared by Mr. Waldemar Pankiw, the organizer of the exhibition with PNKV. Also the ending of the exhibition on October 28 brought a pleasant impression caused by the concert of Anka Kozieł. Every weekend something interesting happened, unfortunately I could not participate in it. According to the organizers, the exhibition was visited by about 250 people. I really like such meetings. However, I decided that I would give up exhibitions for a while so that I could concentrate on working and creating new things.

The invitation includes a reproduction of embroidery by Iśka van Kempen Jarnicka.

Pictures: Urszula Woroniecka (PNKV), Paweł Kleineder, Michalina Malolepsza








Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk 2018



Yesterday I was able to hang my works in the now-defunct Kralingen Gallery. For the last time, this place, which has recently changed owners, will open its doors to Krunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk. It is very possible that this is the last art exhibition in this place. It is so sad when you think about it. The more so that the previous owners put a lot of heart and time into the functioning of this place. It will be remembered as an inseparable and important part of Kralingen’s history. I am glad that I can show you some of my works there for the last time. I regret that I could not have a larger exhibition there.
In addition to showing up during the upcoming weekend at the Kralingen Gallery, they will also be able to see you at the Den Toom wine bar at Vredehofstraat 74, 3062 TC Rotterdam. At the Lusthofstraat, the kunstmarkt will take place tomorrow and there you will be able to buy my works from the LADY KANGAROO and t-shirts series.

The program of the upcoming week is very interesting. Throughout Kralingen Midden & Oost you can see the works of ten artists. And participate in concerts and performances. All news about Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk can be found on this page:
Come absolutely!


SALON 6 – Kill Your Darling

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.58.38

It is going to be a very busy weekend because apart from OPEN Expo, I take part in one more exhibition. It will be the sixth exhibition from the SALON series at Gallery Regio Art Rijnmond in Spijkenisse. The opening of the exhibition is planned for September 8 at 4 p.m and it will be done by Dichter des Vaderlands Ester Naomi Perquin. The exhibition will feature works by fourteen artists.
That day is also the Art Market and the Open Monuments Day in Spijkenisse.

You are wholeheartedly welcomed at the opening of the exhibition or if you can not come this Saturday, visit the exhibition at your convenience till 8th of October. The gallery is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm.

adres Noordeinde 7-9, Spijkenisse